Rihanna's European Tour Dates of Good Girl Gone Bad Tour


Here are Rihanna's European tour dates for her Good Girl Gone Bad Tour. If she's coming to your city, you should go and see her, she's an improving performer and she just gets better! Plus, the crowd goes crazy! Picking up from last year's leg of the tour (which I got to see her on), here are the following dates:

March 3 - Aberdeen, UK
March 5 - Liverpool, UK
March 6 - Bournemouth, UK
March 7 - London, UK
March 10 - Denmark
March 12 - Stockholm, Sweden
March 14 - Helsinki, Finland
March 16 - Tallin, Estonia
March 17 - Riga, Latvia
March 19 - Warsaw, Poland
March 20 - Prague, Czech Republic
March 22 - Dusseldorf, Germany
March 23 - Moscow, Russia

*credit for the pic to oh-rihanna.com*

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